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o look ye all at the murky depths where the purple fish lurks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths

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Auckland City Council mail out [Feb. 27th, 2007|09:15 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
This could be interesting, but the council needs to perfect its emails: 'here are the details: ·  ..."

very detailed and helpful.

besides, wasn't it decided recently that owning excessive t-shirts was bad for the environment?


Do you own a t-shirt? Of course you do. Do you like t-shirts? Who doesn’t? Did you know that T-shirt culture is a global phenomena that is sweeping the world? You do now!Get ready for a NZ first. T-World, The Journal of T-Shirt Culture is launching its globally distributed second issue at mag nation this coming Wednesday, the 28th of Feb. Join the team from mag nation and the founder and creative genius behind T, Eddie Zammit for a beer or wine and drown yourself in what will be t-shirt heaven. Here are the details:·         Kick off at 7pm at mag nation, 100 Queen St, Auckland CBD (be fashionably early)·         Wear your favourite T-Shirt. ·         The store will be covered with some of the coolest T-Shirts in the land, provided by some of the coolest    brands like Poynter, American Apparel, Federation, She’ll B
e Right, and others, as well as some local NZ designersYou owe it to your t-shirts to come along. Feel free to bring a friend or three, or pass this invite on to anyone who loves their Ts.
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My Interests Collage! thanks doublehappy :-) [Feb. 9th, 2007|09:21 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
My Interests Collage!Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2007|09:47 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
i had an espresso at home this morning and it was so strong it knocked my socks off and now i feel like i have a hangover.

i usually only have these espressos in the weekend, however, given that most people are taking today off due to Waitangi day being on a tuesday, i felt the need to celebrate my faux day off.

I also had a truckload of watermelon - mmmm. fridge space for watermelons is competitive - me and another flatmate are keen on watermelons, though she is obsessed and i am not, leading to competition for the coveted top shelf.

I baked a jam slice on the weekend. it was yummy.
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shrubs, trees and... hedges [Jan. 25th, 2007|04:33 pm]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
Fonterra, a big company in charge of lots of things like buying, making, distributing and selling raw milk, town milk, 'ordinary' cheese, 'specialty' cheese, and other dairy things, has a little quote in the Dominion Post today -

"We are not fully unhedged but we are not hedged as much as we were"
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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2007|11:10 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
Ah. The Commerce Commission, a part of the government that decides whether big businesses can buy other businesses, in its infinite wisdom notes on the subject of ice cream:
"… take home ice cream consists of one, two and five litre containers of ice cream, sold for consumption at home and often served as a dessert or an accompaniement to a dessert. Frozen novelties and scoop ice cream ... are predominately sold ... as a snack or refreshment".

very sweet. ice cream is a dessert?? really?? and ice cream is a snack or refreshment? i thought the gvt was avoiding that link for another (ice cream as a snack, bad, fruit as a snack, good)

i have my swimming assessment soon - am getting nervous!
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what happens if you have no work to do at work.... [Jan. 16th, 2007|02:20 pm]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
I just accidentally signed up for a (free) appraisal of my swimming. I have "Jane" at 1pm on Tuesday next week assessing my lack of swim technique at the tepid baths.

I haven't really swum since school, and i managed to avoid that pretty well back then. The most pool stuff i have done since is leisurely walking round, occasionally dipping the head under but not always. shameful.
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2006|09:49 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
something a little different today.

it will only take 10 seconds...

The Northland office of telecommunications company Gen-i has a
new take on the automated phone system.

Here's what you need to do:

* Call (09) 470 0100;
* Listen to the automated recording;
* After listening to the list, press 4.
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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2006|05:10 pm]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
A Backpacker Tale

To all backpackers, ex-backpackers and wannabes;
Having trouble readjusting to life back at home now that the
travelling is over? Here are a few handy hints to help you settle
back in

1) Replace your bed with two or more bunk beds and every night
invite random people to sleep in your bedroom with you. Ensure at
least once a week a couple gets drunk and shags on one of the top
bunks. Remove beds one by one as symptoms improve

2) Sleep in your sleeping bag, forgetting to wash it for months.=20
Add some bugs in order to wake up with many unsightly bites over
your arms and legs

3) Enlist the help of a family member to set your radio alarm to go
off randomly during the night, filling your room with loud talking.
This works best if the station is foreign. Also have several mobiles
ringing, without being answered. To add to the torture, ask a friend
to bring plastic bags into your room at roughly 6 in the morning and
proceed to rustle them for no apparent reason for a good half an

4) Keep all your clothes in a rucksack. Remember to smell them
before putting them on and reintroduce the use of the iron SLOWLY

5) Buy your favorite food, and despite living at home, write your
name and when you might next be leaving the house on all bags. This
should include mainly pasta, 2 minute noodles, carrots and beer

6) Ask a family member to every now and again steal an item of food,
preferably the one you have most been looking forward to or the most
expensive. Keep at least one item of food far too long or in a bag
out in the sun, so you have to spend about 24 hours within sprinting
distance of the toilet

7) Even if it's a Sunday, vacate the house by 10a.m, and then stand
on the corner of the street looking lost. Ask the first passer-by of
similar ethnic background if they have found anywhere good to go yet

8) When sitting on public transport (the London Tube would be ideal)
introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you, say which stop
you got on at, where you are going, how long you have been
travelling and what university you went to. If they say they are
going to Morden, say you met a guy on the central line who said it
was terrible and that you've heard Parsons Green is better and

9) Finally stick paper in your shower so that the water comes in
just drizzle. Adjust the hot/cold taps at regular intervals so that
you are never fully satisfied with the temperature. Because of this
frustration, shower infrequently.

These simple but effective instructions should help you fall back
into normal society with the minimum effort. Good luck!
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2006|05:59 pm]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
my new work is lovely. the people are actually genuinely nice (gasp shock). as in, partners who work in *different* divisions say hi!
of course, i am (still) on crutches so perhaps more noticeable/ memorable/ pitiful.

also, sadly my tooth has been causing problems. actually, it is dead. i found out this morning when i went to an emergency dentist appt. so now i have to have root canal treatment (well, the alternative is inserting a platinum screw which is 5 times mroe expensive and not really that different in effect as far as i can tell). i cna't have that til the massive swelling has gone (think, chipmunk, but one half of face only).
it's quite awkward - meeting so many people (ie, the WHOLE firm) and having a huge swollen half-face, a 'broken' foot and a slight fever (from tooth) and cold (from tooth?? ther's only so much to blame on a tooth i guess).

ok. i think i'll go now :-)
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2006|09:02 am]
one searcher of purple fish in the murky depths
i hate organising things!! or people! or myself, when i just want to sit down and read.
ok. i could be in a bad mood - it poured with rain allll day yesterday and even hailed, which is bad news to someone with half a leg in a cast - it means being trapped inside allllll day.
so i vacuumed, which was entertaining. i began packing for my little trip up north. i washed 10 tonnes of dishes. i washed the shower curtains. i lost one shower curtain when it blew off the line during one violent storm, only to find it halfway round the side of the house next to the neighbour's driveway. that was some journey.
i read 2 books and looked at the parisdailyphoto.blogspot, and tehn the wellington one and also some round the french riviera and thessalonnika.
today i am ready to leave the house, even if there is a flash flood.
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